Six-Step SEO And PPC Success Story

17 Feb

From top-notch SEO to profitable organic search-engine optimization, organic advertising, and lead generation via paid search, the fundamentals of implementing a successful SEO and PPC program are quite familiar.

To get the most from your SEO and PPC programs, you must have the correct foundation in place. After all, you wouldn’t dream of employing such an important but simplistic science without a quality training.

Forrester Research took a close look at SEO and PPC as a whole, but not one to take a scientific approach, and found that a little human intelligence can go a long way.

To be certain, a proper understanding of SEO and PPC is critical to your program’s overall success. Knowing what and when to do is crucial to maintaining a continuous level of excellence.

Here are six steps to follow to become a PPC guru or major SEO expert.

1. Understand Why Search-Engine Optimization Is Needed

It may come as a surprise, but SEO isn’t always done by the small number of "SEO experts." It’s a hard science, and it requires time and knowledge to achieve success. Ultimately, SEO is about understanding a user’s intent and seeing how your page is performing when it is presented with this intent. This level of insight and informed intuition is impossible to achieve without effective SEO.

For a more thorough and detailed explanation of this, just read for yourself. Remember, someone at Google won’t instantly determine if your website is SEO-ready, and it takes a level of expertise to know when it is and when it isn’t.

2. Remember That HTML is Important

It may seem that HTML is the foundation of SEO and PPC marketing. However, this isn’t always the case. The secret to SEO isn’t HTML. It’s about getting people to discover and view your website, and once they do, they are much more likely to reach out to you or ask you for help.

This foundation of your website is the foundation of search-engine optimization, and no website gets SEO right by doing only anything that SEO relies on.

When it comes to SEO, every person has a different set of skills, and anyone can start out with simple SEO projects if they really want to. However, and this is very important, the smartest thing you can do is to find someone who has already experienced the pain points that plague your website and adopt their expertise and tools.

3. Know the Rules and Guidelines You Should Follow

As a longtime SEO professional, I can tell you that it’s helpful to understand SEO best practices. Each type of ad can have a wide array of rules and guidelines.

It’s important to understand what best practices mean in this type of SEO, and you can find a great understanding through a search engine optimization checklist.

4. Think of PPC as Just an Online Ad

There is a belief that PPC and SEO are somehow related, and that campaigns and projects executed together can produce a good, concentrated return on investment. This is not true. Instead, PPC and SEO need to be considered separately.

If you want to maximize your SEO and PPC results, you must understand the marketing and content strategy. Everything, from products to keyword suggestions to paid ads to landing pages to landing page design will affect SEO and PPC results. As such, campaigns should be run in order of importance and included only where it matters the most.

5. Employ the Right Measurement

Knowing how to optimize your site is one thing. Knowing what to optimize for, and how to measure your results, is entirely another. There are many metrics and software solutions available for this purpose, but you must use a standard marketing metric for everything from the “click through rate” to the actual transactions that are generated from your specific efforts.

Essentially, there are a handful of marketing metrics to choose from, but the key is that you must track, measure, and understand them in order to optimize.

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Many do-it-yourself SEO and PPC campaigns don’t have the time or capacity to bother with all the small stuff, the things that not many really care about, such as the final impression of the site, page design, and overall feel.

For this reason, it’s important to save effort and not take too much time into account. What’s most important is your overall marketing goals and your search marketing strategy as a whole.

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